Ferrari cars restoration

In the last five decades, if anyone wanted a high-class sporty car, one of the first brands they looked into was Ferrari – this is due to the limited Ferraris manufactured (around 200,000 vehicles since the inception of the company making it one of the rarest brands in the world) and the quality of the vehicles. That’s why most Ferraris, no matter how old or decayed, are immensely valuable.

If you have a Ferrari car on your hand, you have to recognize you have a vehicle of immense monetary and cultural value on your hands, and it is worth repairing and restoring it to its former glory.

How and Why to Restore Your Classic Ferrari Car?

If you’re reading this, chances are there is something wrong with your vehicle and you want to fix it, DoctorClassic is the right company for the job, but there’s something fundamental you need to understand – you need to understand the fundamental difference between restoration and repair, and why your Ferrari likely needs a restoration.

  • Restorations aim to not diminish the historic and manufacturing value of your car:  whether you’re looking to replace the windows in your Ferarri or get a new paint job, you have to realize a simple fact: the original parts were unique and valuable. Most Ferarri’s derive most of their value and status from the original parts used and the craftsmanship – when you decide to replace or change any part of the car, you’re ultimately reducing the value of the vehicle. Restorations don’t aim to only repair your car, but they aim to keep to original parts as much as possible staying faithful to the vision of the manufacturer. This ultimately retains most of the value of the car.
  • these vehicles require specialized knowledge: due to the low number of Ferrari vehicles manufactured and their hefty prices, most repair places don’t have the necessary knowledge to deal with the cars on a technical level. Restoration places dealing with classic cars, and DoctorClassic in particular, have more experience dealing with rare and unique vehicles like Ferraris, and they’ll be more successful when repairing and restoring them.
  • They require attention to detail: classic vehicles are extremely delicate, and due to their old age, more susceptible to damage. The repair team needs to be extremely careful when dealing with the car. This limits your options quite a bit as not all teams have the years of experience necessary to get the work done and properly get the vehicle restored.


Should You Trust DoctorClassic with Your Car?

Should you be trusting DoctorClassic with your Ferrari? We think it is very fair to ask about whether you should be trusting your high-value vehicle with us – we believe we have a few advantages that make us one of the best classic vehicle restoration businesses in the entire world:

  • Years of experience working on restoration projects: you can easily check our portfolio of finished restoration work – we have experience repairing and restoring high-value classic vehicles from many manufacturers, including Ferrari – if you want your car in the hands of professionals with years of experience on restoration projects, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Operating with clients from all over Europe: with a global clientele, you can be sure DoctorClassic will take care of your vehicle no matter which European country you’re from. Distance won’t be an impediment in front of your vehicle getting restored whether you’re in the United Kingdom or Germany.
  • Reasonable prices: the DoctorClassic team prides itself in getting projects carried out at reasonable prices. We do our work well, and we do it efficiently to minimize the costs.