Restoring Classic Car Upholstery

Classic wisdom goes that you should pay attention to the exterior of the car – make sure the paint job is alright, the car doesn’t have any scratches, and all the peripherals work – but this is a very myopic view of how cars operate and what gives them value.

Classic cars are valuable because they are a sign of status and offer a unique driving experience that is informed by the excellent manufacturing processes by superstar brands like Ferrari, Mercedes, etc. A crucial part of this experience is the car interior- the leather, seats, door panels, etc. are crucial for the experience. That’s why classic car upholstery restoring is so important and growing industry. If you want to restore your car interior, read on and learn what DoctorClassic has to offer.

How Does DoctorClassic Approach Car Upholstery Restoration

Here at DoctorClassic, we recognize that customers need to learn how a company functions and treats classic cars before they can choose among upholstery services out there. That’s why we decided to expound on the details of our work, methodology, and philosophy. Before you get in touch, you’ll know exactly what we offer:

#1 Estimate the amount of work

As with every other successful project, the first step is coming up with a plan and estimating the amount of work that needs to be done. Due to how unique and varied classic cars are, and due to the wide range of ages the vehicles come in, different strategies and approaches need to be used to make sure the interior gets the treatment it requires – a unique approach informed by prior research and examination is a key of a successful renovation.

#2 Fix the seats

Before upholstering the interior of the car, we need to make sure every seat is in top condition and is fully functional. Upholstery doesn’t make sense if the seats are in a sorry excuse – that’s why after checking each seat, we make sure they are fully repaired and prepared for upholstery.

Preparing the seats for upholstery depends on the prior state of the classic car seats – for example, if previous upholstering has been done, we need to make sure the cover is fully removed before work on the car reupholstering can begin.

#3 Upholstery repair and restoration

After adequate preparation and the repairing of the any damaged car seat, the upholstery can begin. here at DoctorClassic, we recognize that one of the main reasons customers want an upholstery is to ensure the interior of the car looks perfect – high-quality leather that shines and is comfortable to sit on. That’s why we ensure to make use of the highest quality materials sourced from top producers to get the job done. We realise the importance of every little detail, that’s why we work only with high-quality materials and leather. Our classic car upholstery repair and restoration process are carried out by a team of experienced specialists who use their skills to make sure that every single seam is straight and blends in perfectly with the rest of your seat to give it that look of timeless elegance and style.